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Gloucester Series Retirement Charter - September 30, 1990

This page originally appeared on the Toronto Transportation Society website and is reprinted here with permission. Minor modifications by James Bow.

In the late 1980s, the venerable Gloucester series of Toronto subway trains were nearing the end of their useful lives. By 1989, some sets had already been retired, or outshopped to become work cars. The Toronto Transportation Society, plus numerous other railfans, felt that after forty-five years, these distinctive red workhorses deserved a proper farewell, and they set about organizing one.

On Sunday, September 30, 1990, railfans gathered at Davisville station to board a train of Gloucesters comprised of cars 5099/5098, 5045/5044, 5115/5110 and 5075/5074. What followed was one of the most memorable charters in the history of Toronto railfanning. The photographs below capture some of what was experienced.

Gloucester Retirement Charter Image Archive

About a week later, the remaining active Gloucesters were withdrawn, some being stored at Davisville, Keele and Wilson yards. All but two cars were scrapped from 1991-94. 5098 and 5099 have been preserved at the Halton County Radial Railway.

Special thanks goes to all those who helped to organise this wonderful charter.