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The TTS Labour Day PCC Charter (September 3, 2000)

Text by James Bow

It was a good turnout for the Toronto Transportation Society's Labour Day Weekend PCC charter. Railfans turned out at Dundas and Victoria for the pickup at 10 a.m.

There is nothing like riding on a PCC, and its no surprise that its charters are always so well attended. For one person, however, it was his first trip on a Toronto PCC in forty years. I was privileged enough to meet with Geoffrey Skelsey, a professor visiting from Cambridge, England. I had helped him in writing a rail-related article, and when he came over to Toronto on business, he gave me a call. I advised him that this charter was going on and he met me there.

This was Geoffrey's first streetcar charter. For others, it was their third or fourth for the year. Everybody had a good time. There is something about streetcar charters that bring people together. One never seems to have enough.

PCC 4549 September 3, 2000 Charter Image Archive

Many thanks to the organizers of this charter for an enjoyable run. Good times were had by all.