East York (1927-1928)

Compiled by Pete Coulman
Originally Published by Alan Gryfe

October 29, 1927

Service begins on a new route serving Pape Street north from the newly opened Lipton loop and the eastern terminus of the HARBORD streetcar. Buses operate via north on Pape to the new Leaside viaduct, all the way to the north end of the bridge, before returning via the reverse route. Buses operate primarily in the township of East York, and suburban fares are charged, with additional fares required to board city streetcars.

April 8, 1928

Service extended north from the Leaside viaduct via Millwood Road and Laird Drive to Lea Avenue.

April 16, 1928

Service extended north from Lea Avenue to MacRae Drive, returning to Lipton and Pape via the reverse route.

June 30, 1928

Last day of operation. Service replaced the next day by an extension of the LEASIDE bus route.