166 Silver Hills - Graydon Hall (1991-1992)

Compiled by Peter Coulman


In 1991, the Toronto Transit Commission came under pressure as the result of a sharp recession pushing down provincial and municipal budgets as well as ridership, and the Commission experimented with a number of routes designed to maintain particular services while saving resources. With ridership too low to justify Monday-to-Friday evening and Saturday daytime service on the 122 GRAYDON HALL route, the TTC established the 166 SILVER HILLS - GRAYDON HALL route to maintain service in the Duncanmill, Graydon Hall area while sacrificing the direct connection to the YONGE SUBWAY at York Mills station. In addition, Monday-to-Friday evening and Saturday daytime service was added to the portion of the 115 SILVER HILLS that was not duplicated by service on 95 YORK MILLS.

A similar approach was taken in the Calvington area with 164 CALVINGTON-RUSTIC ROAD. As the recession progressed and budget cuts increased, however, both experiments proved unsuccessful.

January 21, 1991

Service begins on 166 SILVER HILLS - GRAYDON HALL running west from Fenelon Loop via Graydon Hall, Duncanmill, Lesmill, York Mills, Leslie and Bannantyne to Woodsworth, looping via Woodsworth and Davean. Service initially provided during Monday-Friday evenings and Saturdays at thirty minute intervals. The route operates from Eglinton Garage.

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F E N E L O N   D R
L  E  S  L  I  E

Monday to Friday, evenings
All day Saturday

May 9, 1992

Route discontinued due to low ridership.