The Orion Ikarus Farewell Charter (September 4, 2000)

Text and photos by James Bow.

On the final day of the Toronto Transportation Society's Transportation Weekend, the TTS commissioned a charter marking the retirement of the Orion Ikarus articulated buses. TTS President Ray Nielsen oversaw the charter, bringing the bus in from Malvern Garage and selecting our route. TTS Secretary Joe Chemerys supplied linen exposures to be used overtop of the electronic rollsign.

The Ikarus buses had been formally retired from service the day before, so this was truly the last trip for bus 6410.

Orion Ikarus Retirement Charter Image Archive

From Wilson Garage, there was another photo stop near the crest of the Senlac route and then passengers were dropped off at Finch Station to end what had been a fun and memorable charter. Many thanks for the charter organizers for putting on such a good show.