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MiWay revising services due to staff shortages, starting January 17

*Update — Wednesday, January 19, 12:38 a.m. — Although secondary schools — and high-school special bus routes — were scheduled to reopen Monday, January 17, a major winter storm kept schools closed for two days. Schools reopen and high-school special services resume Wednesday, January 19.

Starting Monday, January 17, MiWay is suspending service along two routes, responding to transit operator staff shortages due to COVID-19 and self-isolation requirements.

The two routes that it’s temporarily cancelling are:

  • 76 City Centre - Subway; and
  • 110 University express.

MiWay is cancelling the routes, it says, “to deliver more reliable service where it is needed most”. By temporarily revising its services, it can “free up resources for re-allocation. MiWay remains committed to monitoring all routes in the transit network so that available resources are allocated in the most effective way possible.”

MiWay is also making other changes January 17.

It’s reallocating 18-metre (60-foot) articulated (“bendy”) buses to serve passengers along three routes to address potential instances of overcrowding:

  • 1 / 1C Dundas;
  • 7 Airport; and
  • 26 Burnhamthorpe.

To accommodate the longer buses, MiWay is rearranging stops in two terminals. Buses along the 7 Airport route start picking up passengers at platform I in Westwood Square terminal, instead of platform F. Buses along the 26 Burnhamthorpe route pick up passengers at platform 3 in Kipling Bus Terminal, instead of platform 4.



As in-class learning is resuming in secondary schools, MiWay is also restoring service to high-school special routes, starting January 17.

MiWay suspended service along the 101 / 101A Dundas express and 107 Malton express routes Friday, January 7. That same day, it decreased the frequency of Monday-to-Friday service along the 103 Hurontario express route.

MiWay is explaining to its passengers that these reductions will be in effect until further notice. Once staffing levels stabilize, MiWay plans to restore these services “in a practical and sustainable manner.”

It warns that some passengers will also experience delays because it may have to cancel trips along other routes. It also reminds passengers to check for updated schedule information on-line.