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Eglinton Crosstown LRT - Surface section:
"Guideway" work between Birchmount, Warden

Eglinton Crosstown header.jpg

Metrolinx contractors continue building the future Eglinton Crosstown light rail transit line between Mount Dennis and Kennedy.

Crews continue building the LRT “guideway” — the transit-only lanes in the centre of the roadway, including tracks and passenger amenities and relocating telecommunication infrastructure lines

  • on Eglinton Avenue East between Birchmount Road and Warden Avenue

and between the future Birchmount and Golden Mile stops.

Crews started the first stage of this part project Saturday, March 16.

Starting “as early as” Monday, April 15, work zones restrict access to the centre of the roadway. Crews start preparing for reconfiguring traffic lanes “as early as” 6 a.m. Saturday, April 13 until 5 a.m. Monday, April 15.

The work zone blocks motorists from travelling along the centre lanes between Birchmount and Warden, starting 7 a.m. April 15. From 7 a.m. until 11 p.m. every day, crews are working within a protected zone to cut and remove the asphalt.

2019 - 04-13 - Centre-lane restrictions for guideway construction between Birchmount and Warden.jpg

These traffic-lane restrictions between Warden and Birchmount and the resulting TTC delays continue “for approximately six (6) weeks” or until about May 26.

For transit passengers

  • The TTC may temporarily relocate bus stops near work zones.
  • Also expect delays aboard buses along these routes:
  • 34 Eglinton East; and
  • 334 Eglinton East overnight.

For pedestrians

  • The north-south crosswalks at Sinnott Road are closed.

For motorists

  • Work zones block centre lanes on Eglinton Avenue East between Birchmount Road and Warden Avenue.
  • At least two lanes are available for traffic in each direction on Eglinton East.
  • Westbound traffic on Eglinton cannot turn left onto southbound Sinnott Road.
  • Eastbound traffic on Eglinton cannot turn left onto northbound Thermos Road.
  • Northbound traffic on Sinnott cannot turn left onto westbound Eglinton.
  • Southbound traffic on Thermos cannot turn left onto eastbound Eglinton.
  • A work zone continues to block north-south through traffic on Prudham Gate.

For nearby residents and business people

  • Expect noise from excavators, bobcats, trucks and other construction equipment.