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TTC "locks out" bicycle racks
on many of its buses for two weeks

Update — Tuesday, May 19, 12:24 p.m.: The TTC is revising its policy and now allows just one bike on each rack aboard the Novabus LFS vehicles. The same policy will apply to its new Nova 40-foot (12-metre) buses that will arrive later this spring.

Updated — 9:54 p.m.

Last Thursday, October 16, the Ontario Ministry of Labour ordered the Toronto Transit Commission not to allow passengers to use the bike racks on two of its bus types — the Nova Articulated and Orion VII buses — effective immediately. The Ministry’s order results from its concern about TTC operators’ sight lines when passengers have attached bike to the racks. These buses make up most of the TTC’s bus fleet.

The TTC is working on an engineering solution to this issue. As a first step, the TTC will be locking out all bike racks on its 100 Novabus LFS articulated buses. It will allow passengers with bicycles to board these buses with their bikes, if the vehicle has enough room to accommodate it.

The Orion VII bus issue revolves around bicycles that have large accessories such as child seats or baskets that could impede sight lines for the operators, when passengers position them on the rack.

The Ministry of Labour has suspended its orders until the TTC resolves the issue.