Eglinton Crosstown LRT -- Allen Road:
Launch-shaft welding started July 8

eglinton crosstown logo.pngLast Tuesday, July 8, Metrolinx contractors for the Eglinton Crosstown light rail transit line started welding at the launch shaft site at William R. Allen Road overnight nightly. During the day, crews are building and installing a road deck to shift traffic lanes in the near future to allow ongoing construction of the launch shaft.

Contractors will use the launch shaft site, east of Allen Road between Everden and Strathearn Roads, to start tunnel boring machines on the second phase of their work to dig the tunnels for the future light rail transit line between Allen Road and Yonge Street.

They’re welding overnight to prepare Eglinton Avenue West for road decking, creating a temporary road surface. As a result, construction work can continue under Eglinton Avenue without interruption, allowing vehicles to continue traveling on Eglinton Avenue during the work. They’ll work until the end of the summer.

Crews will use temporary lights on the south side of Eglinton Avenue West overnight to ensure a safe work environment. They’ll also use welding tents to surround the welding spots and shield workers, motorists, pedestrians and residents from welding flashes.

To reduce the time to finish welding, the crews are working three eight-hour shifts daytime and overnight. Underground tunneling and other work may continue 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

During LRT construction on Eglinton Avenue West at Allen Road, TTC passengers should expect delays for buses operating along these routes:

  • 32 Eglinton West;
  • 63 Ossington; and
  • 109 Ranee.

Welding crews at Allen Road.jpg