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Davis Drive rapidway construction:
Longford / Parkside vivastation

Davis - Longford - Parkside vivastation.png

Metrolinx and York Region contractors continue the project to build a rapidway — bus-only lanes in the centre of the roadway — along Davis Drive in Newmarket.

Crews are starting to build the east- and westbound vivastations on Davis at Parkside and Longford Drives in early July.

Each vivastation platform requires about 12 weeks of work including:

  • excavating for the platforms;
  • installing electrical cables;
  • pouring and forming concrete.

Once the crews have constructed the platforms, they install the steel structure and canopies. Steel and glass for Longford / Parkside vivastation, should arrive later this fall.

Crews will work in the middle of the roadway, where the future rapidway will be, to build the platforms. They’ll shift traffic lanes on Davis to the north side of Davis east of the Parkside / Longford intersection and to the south side west of the intersection.

They’ll continue to restrict traffic on Davis to just one lane in each direction, but maintain access to businesses on Davis during this work.

They’ll block the sidewalk on the north side of Davis west of Longford, but pedestrians can access the corner plaza along a temporary walkway. YRT will relocate its stop for westbound buses on the northwest corner of Longford and Davis to the northeast corner.

Expect construction-related noise.

Learn more about building a vivastation here.

During Davis Drive rapidway construction, expect delays for:

  • GO Transit express buses operating along the 65 Newmarket / Toronto route; and
  • York Region Transit passengers riding local buses operating along the 44 Bristol, 50 Queensway, 54 Bayview, 55 / 55B Davis Drive, 58 Mount Albert, 223 Newmarket GO shuttle and 520 / 521 Newmarket community routes.