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Leslie / Queen construction: Update

lesliebarns masthead.png

Update — Friday, June 20, 2:47 p.m.: Streetcars resume regular service through the intersection along the 301 Queen overnight and 501 Queen routes Sunday, *June 22. Buses continue to operate along the 301 Queen overnight, 501 Queen and 502 / 503 Downtowner / *Kingston Rd shuttle routes. The TTC continues to provide extra service along the 31 Greenwood, 72 Pape, 83 Jones and 143 Downtown / Beach express routes. It also detours parts buses operating along the 31B Greenwood and 83 Jones routes during ongoing construction on Leslie south of Queen.

Update — Saturday, June 7, 7:39 a.m.: Construction on Victoria Street has ended. TTC buses serving the 301 Queen overnight and 501 Queen routes now operate as far west as Victoria Street. Buses operating along the 502 / 503 Downtowner / Kingston Rd route resume service to Victoria Monday, June 9.

Westbound buses operate along Queen Street East to Church Street, then loop along Church, Richmond Street West and Victoria to Queen East. Eastbound buses start their trips on Victoria south of Queen, then proceed eastward along Queen.

City of Toronto and TTC contractors continue the project to upgrade the street, replace old water-service infrastructure and install streetcar tracks on Leslie Street this week.

(They’re building new tracks to connect the future Leslie Barns streetcar maintenance and storage facility to the tracks on Queen Street East.)

According to the TTC, crews continue to work on schedule at the Queen and Leslie intersection and have finished upgrading a number of underground infrastructure components. They have replaced 100-year-old watermain valves and completed the connection to the new watermain at Queen, lined the sanitary sewer with steel and rebuilt utility access portals (“manholes”) to improve future utility maintenance and avoid impacting transit services.

Starting Thursday, June 5 at 7 a.m., crews are storing pre-assembled rail infrastructure on Queen Street for about 10 days. This will help speed the process to install the tracks installation process and get transit back running on Queen across Leslie Street as soon as possible.

Pre-assembled rail system for the Leslie / Queen inquires requires several 24-metre (80-foot) flatbed trucks to move the rails into place. The fastest way to install track is through “pre-assembly” — connecting shorter sections of rail into larger pieces. Then crews install the track system like a jigsaw puzzle, significantly reducing installation time

The TTC will store pre-assembled tracks in the centre lane of Queen Street Street between Boston Avenue and Laing Street.

The City of Toronto will temporarily restrict on-street parking until the crews clear the street of rail.

Queen - Leslie track storage.bmp

During construction at Leslie Street and Queen Street East, the TTC is:

  • detouring streetcars operating along the 301 Queen overnight and 501 Queen routes detour around the intersection.
  • replacing streetcars with shuttle buses along route 301 and route 501.
  • replacing streetcars with shuttle buses operating along the 502 Downtowner and 503 Kingston Rd tripper routes.
  • adding more stops to the 143 Beach / Downtown express route during construction. It’s also adding more service to that route and to the 31 Greenwood, 72 Pape and 83 Jones routes to provide more service connecting area passengers with the subway.
  • detouring buses operating along the 83 Jones route and the 31B branch of the 31 Greenwood route.