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TTC upgrading ventilation system
at Lawrence Station

Lawrence Station neighbourhood.jpg

The TTC is upgrading fire ventilation systems at priority stations across the subway system. It’s currently installing four new high-capacity ventilation fans at Lawrence Station.

The high-capacity fans will enhance the safety of passengers and employees in the event of a major fire in the subway system. TTC staff may also activate the fans when crews are conducting track work, requiring ventilation.

The TTC plans to finish the project in mid-2015. During construction, work will block vehicular access on Wanless Avenue to and from Yonge Street until the end of 2014.

Project Schedule:

  • Fall 2012: Construction starts.
  • From 2012 until 2014: Wanless Avenue closed.
  • End of 2014: Wanless Avenue reopens
  • Mid-2015: Construction ends.

Lawrence Station streetscape.jpg

During this project, crews will:

  • install two fans in the north vent shaft on Yonge Street north of Wanless Avenue;
  • install two fans in new a fan room at Wanless Avenue;
  • construct mechanical- and electrical-service rooms in the station;
  • install sliding doors at station entrances;
  • upgrade power-supply controls;
  • plant new trees and landscape areas affected by construction;
  • protect a mature tree beside the fire hall at Yonge and Wanless;
  • replace the Toronto Fire Services’ underground fuel tank with an above-ground storage tank.

Yonge Wanless 1.jpg

The crews will undertake major excavation and structural work outside station but in the right-of-way for Wanless Avenue. The TTC expects to close Wanless Avenue for about 30 meters (90 feet) at the construction just east of Yonge Street. Excavation will result in dust, noise and vibration and continue until October 1, 2013.

The TTC says that it understands that “with any big construction project, the surrounding neighbourhood is affected. We know it won’t always be easy, but we are committed to ensuring the station is as safe as possible.”

It says that, as its contractors and crews work on this station, it is committed to:

  • sequencing work in phases, to minimize impact to the community;
  • installing pathways so as not to delay or impact transit riders using the subway or buses;
  • maintaining pedestrian access on Yonge Street and Wanless Avenue;
  • maintaining two-lane vehicle traffic each way on Yonge Street;
  • providing construction barriers to segregate construction from vehicular and pedestrian traffic;
  • making sure that Emergency Services have access to properties beside the construction site; and
  • restricting work to daytime hours with little or not night work.

Yonge Wanless 2.jpg