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Introducing "Skymark Hub"; previewing the Mississauga BRT

City of Mississauga contractors are busy working on the project to build the city’s new bus rapid transit line or BRT. Now MiWay is “evolving” some services to provide more frequent service and transfer opportunities at the new Skymark Hub, on Skymark Avenue between Commerce Boulevard and Explorer Drive, near the future Renforth Gateway BRT Station.

The City intends to open a section of the busway — from City Centre Terminal to Dixie Station — in fall 2013. By 2015, when the entire line is operating, commuters will see 11 new stations at major road crossings in Mississauga. The busway will also allow passengers to connect with Brampton Transit, GO Transit and other MiWay buses at City Centre Transit Terminal.

Buses serving several MiWay routes will eventually operate along the new busway to reduce travel times for passengers. The Skymark Hub will be a key transfer point until 2015, when the Renforth Gateway Station near Renforth Drive and Eglinton Avenue West in western Etobicoke opens.

MiWay staff say that the Skymark Hub will allow passengers to safely and efficiently transfer between several MiWay routes, improving service reliability and helping buses avoid traffic delays expected from upcoming construction projects in neighbouring areas.

On Tuesday, July 2, MiWay cancelled service between Islington Station and Meadowvale along the 27 Matheson and 89 Meadowvale - Subway routes to streamline service between the Skymark Hub and the Islington Subway Station and help buses avoid construction-related delays and traffic congestion.

At the same time, it introduced two new routes to upgrade service for passengers traveling between Meadowvale and the Skymark Hub during rush hours: the 43 Matheson - Argentia and 87 Meadowvale - Skymark routes. Buses drop off or pick up passengers at stops along both routes every 20 minutes.

MiWay also added more rush-hour service along the 35 / 35A Eglinton route, improving frequencies to every 10½ minutes between Islington Subway Station and Winston Churchill Boulevard. MiWay has co-ordinated the schedules for this route with those of the buses operating along the two new routes to make transferring at Skymark Hub easier for passengers.

Buses operating along the TTC’s 32A Eglinton West route also drop off or pick up passengers at the Skymark Hub.