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TTC "revitalizing" Dufferin Station

Update — Thursday, January 29, 2014, 11:22 a.m.: Starting Monday, February 3, the TTC is closing the east-side stairwell for upgrades until the end of April.

Update — Monday, August 26, 2013, 1:14 p.m.: The TTC is opening the new second exits from the station Wednesday, August 28.

Update — Monday, August 26, 2013, 12:35 p.m.: You can learn more about the progress of the project and the design features of the redesigned station, here.


The TTC recently started a project to upgrade Dufferin Station. After nearly 45 years, the station infrastructure, including the tiles, stairwells and escalators, needed major work to continue to effectively serve passengers.

Moreover, the station is not accessible to passengers using wheelchairs or other mobility devices or who have some difficulty in walking. At the end of this project, Dufferin Station passengers will find a barrier-free path to all levels of the station including:

  • elevators to access the station concourse and eastbound and westbound platforms;
  • an accessible fare gate;
  • automatic sliding doors at station entrances; and
  • better way-finding signs.

The TTC’s Advisory Committee on Accessible Transit reviewed and approved these features to improve access to the station by all passengers.

Over the next several years, contractors will install:

  • new wall, ceiling and stair finishes and refurbished floors;
  • a bigger station building with more entrances, a larger waiting area and new stairs from street level to the concourse;
  • a street-level elevator for easier access;
  • second exits from the platforms to Russet Avenue;
  • new main entrances to the station on the west side of Dufferin Street;
  • canopies over sidewalks on both sides of Dufferin Street
  • a landscaped walkway;
  • bicycle parking areas with landscaping.
  • a larger northbound bus bay and bus stop lanes;
  • a new fare line and collector booth;
  • new light fixtures;
  • security upgrades; and
  • better signs.

Earlier this year, the City of Toronto bought lands at 1140 Bloor Street West, 1030 Dufferin Street and 7 Russet Avenue to help the TTC expand the station.


Here’s what you can expect to find at Dufferin Station, when contractors have finished the project:

1. Street level elevator for easier access;
2. Second exits for safety and convenience;
3. New entrances;
4. Canopies over sidewalks on both sides of Dufferin Street;
5. Cool roof for heat reflection;
6. Green roof;
7. Landscaped walkway; and
8. Bicycle parking areas with landscaping.